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The Today Show on NBC


This morning on the Today Show one of our precious brides, Ashley Joseph Mezrano was showcased on pinterest. Love this 2010 heidi elnora bride! The Today Show “Here comes the bride — but where’s the groom?” “Thanks to the growing popularity of websites like and Pinterest, women far and wide are getting an early start… Read more »

Nordstrom: The Wedding Suite Blog


“Hi, everyone! It’s Molly, your Nordstrom Weddings Site Merchandiser here. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know one of our wedding designers, Heidi Elnora, since we launched her brand seven months ago. Let me just tell you that she is a fantastic human being and a brilliant designer. She has enough energy to fill… Read more »

Martha Stewart Weddings blog


Modern Jewel Tones Series: Extra Inspiration We are so excited to have the Callie Alridge gown featured on Martha Stewart’s blog TODAY! Check it out… “The next installment in our special Modern Jewel Tones series comes courtesy of Elizabeth Demos. Liz created an inspiration board to show you even more ways to work this rich trio into… Read more »

Love me some headbands!


Jennifer Behr creates a range of seductive headpieces – 21st century crowns – each one with its own appeal… crystals set in dark metal and hand-stitched to ethereal silk chiffons, braided ropes, slick patent leathers and tough studs. This season jennifer artfully incorporates it all to pin back even the unruliest of locks. The collection… Read more »

Simply Beautiful


I came across this image when I was looking for inspiration for the blog. It is simple yet so beautiful. I hope it inspires you as much as it does me! Image by Thomas-Rusch

Designer Illustrations


You have taken the time to have a heidi elnora gown designed especially for you. Why not finish the look with a one of a kind heidi elnora illustration. Now, every heidi elnora bride can have the opportunity to have an illustration of her gown created exclusively by the designer. The process is easy. Heidi elnora will… Read more »

Fabulous Frock Friday!


Yeah for Fridays! One of our favorite days of the week. In celebration of the weekend, we wanted to feature a few fabulous frocks that we have found. Get inspired!

Viva Las Vegas


Tomorrow we leave for our company trip to Las Vegas. We are so excited about all of our appointments as well as seeing all of the weddings taking place throughout the city. Viva Las Vegas! *Images: {row 1} letters, Urban Outfitters; playing cards, Domino Magazine; gold pattern, coco+kelley {row 2} playing cards, Martha Stewart; scene… Read more »

Dressing like a Princess…


We are so enthralled by the April 2011 nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Could it be that we secretly had a crush on the prince or is it simply that every little girl dreams of being a princess? Whatever the case, we love ALL the hype and excitement surrounding this historic wedding. Starting… Read more »

Mamie + James…welcome my friend!


With much pride, I would like to introduce you all to Mamie + James. A collection of hand-made garters by one of my very best and talented friends, Loren James. Loren uses “notions collected from open air markets in Paris + New York and even some from Mamie’s sewing box.”  Mamie + James start at $35-$250…. Read more »

Weddings in a Winter Wonderland Land!


I LOVE researching for wedding inspiration and with that, I LOVE winter weddings. There is something so magical about being married in the winter. Maybe it’s the sound of the fireplace crackling or the feeling of bundling up with your love bug, but whatever it is, it sure does make me happy.

Inspiration from a cartoon?

It’s amazing to find out where people get their inspiration. When it comes to popping the BIG question, it all about the delivery. A girlfriend of mine was one of the animators for the Pixar film, UP. Check out this precious engagement box inspired by the film. image : the model Image: Disney …. Read more »

The week of the 4th!

In celebration of the 4th of July, I plan to bring you a few little things that make remind me of the 4th. I hope you enjoy!

Awww…..I want to be there!

Gorgeous photos from a wedding designed by Lisa Vorce of Oh how Charming and photographed by the talented Elizabeth Messina. I love EVERYTHING about this wedding…the hanging stars, the twig balls, the draped fabric…..sigh… (Green Wedding Shoes)

Chalk it up!

Do you  remember when you were in elementary school and you hated to have your name on the chalkboard? For me, it meant here comes the check marks and then BIG TROUBLE. Now a days, having your name on a chalkboard can be a good thing.

Tying the Knot!

What exactly does tying the knot mean? We have all said it at least once. The dictionary explains it as “To become husband and wife in legal ceremony.” While the urban dictionary explains it as “Tying the knot of the ropes in the marriage bed.” However, you want to take it is up to you…. Read more »

Pink, it was love at first sight!

Aerosmith could not have set it any better. If you are a pink lover like me, you will appreciate the following images. Something about them just make me feel good. How about you? How cute are these earrings? What a perfect “something pink.” You can find these bad boys on I am going to order… Read more »

Tulle RULES!!!

My new thing is tulle. Make sure to look for it everywhere in my new collection. This collection takes me back to my dancing days at North Jefferson Academy. (If you didn’t know, I was a ballerina for 15 years.) The new collection is all about being a girl. Soft and feminine yet sexy. Betsy… Read more »

Happy Memorial Day!!

Yesterday, Zaira (my Atlanta stylist) and I decorated the Atlanta store window in red, white, and blue. I am so very proud to say that all of my gowns are hand-made in the U.S.A. Happy Memorial Day!!!!

Personalizing your gown!

If you go to “found the one” on the heidi elnora website, you will notice that not one single gown is repeated. At heidi elnora, we  strive to make each gown and each bride feel special. From creating your gown to having your initials monogrammed into your lining, each gown that is designed at my… Read more »

Inspirational cakes!

Inspiration can be found in many forms. From designing your gown to designing your cake. Below are a  few great samples of inspiration boards used to show direction for cake design. Images by Pretty Chicks. – heart this site!

Wedding day do’s…

If you have started your bridal binder or if you haven’t, it is a good idea to create a section for your wedding day hair and make up. This will save you a lot of time and stress by having a game plan. Start pulling swipes of what you like. This will help you to… Read more »

DYI…ring bearer pillows!

Ring bearer pillows are super easy and fun to make. You can make them out of almost anything. If you can, use  left over fabric from your wedding gown or bridesmaid dresses. If you have a special handkerchief that you want to incorporate in your big day, sew it on as an applique. The possibilities… Read more »

It’s all in the details-FLOWERS!

All most every bride uses flowers in some capacity for their wedding. From whimsical to traditional the type of flower you choose and how they are arranged make a huge statement about your wedding. Certain flowers such as a calla lily is great for a more traditional wedding, where a peony is great for a… Read more »

Soft and Sweet

Each and every single day, I research the web and numerous magazines to find inspiration. As of late, I have found a super inspirational website They always seem to have things that make my heart smile. I know when I really love something when I have downloaded or circled the image more than twice… Read more »

Giving him the Bout!

A boutonniere may be a very small detail but it is a detail none the less. If your groom hasn’t been very involved in the wedding planning, this may give him a great way to participate. It might be easiest to give him a few ideas that are already “approved” and let him choose the one… Read more »

Feathered Fancy!

As of late, I have been extremely inspired by feathers. They were used throughout our wedding and as of recently, in some of my latest gowns “found the one“, bride: Dowd Keith Simpson. When it comes to using feathers, the choices and arrangements are endless. Here are a few things that make my heart smile!

It’s all in the details-BOWS!

I always ask my brides what kind of bride they are. Are you a buttons bride or a bow bride? Do you want a big over the top wedding or a simple southern shindig? When it is all said and done, it’s all about the details. Here are a few ways to incorporate bows into… Read more »

It’s all about the bling…Oh, I mean RING!

For the past few weeks I have been helping one of my girlfriends search for the “perfect” ring. We all know the  4 “C’s”. Yet, when it is all said and done, none of that really matters. It’s truly all about you and your buddy but it sure is fun to play “pretend.” Two of… Read more »

The color of Summer!

Since Summer is fastly approaching, we have collected a view fresh ideas for your June, July, and August bride. Enjoy! Credits: My Personal Artist Beach Wedding Invitations, Jeff & Julia Woods, Studio Foto LLC, Elizabeth Messina

Silver Lining…

If you haven’t started looking for a FAB engagement party dress, there’s no time like the present. The new version of the little white dress is the little silver dress. One of my favorite places for cocktail dresses is BCBG. You are guaranteed to sparkle all night long! Strapless Cocktail Dress-BCBG/OOJ6H293-E44/$149.00 Strapless Jacquard Dress- BCBG/CXF6D874-L48/$288.00

It’s all in the details-RUFFLES!

The big trend for 2010 (that ryhmes) is RUFFLES. Everywhere you look, from wedding cakes to wedding gowns, it seems like ruffles are everywhere. This trend is for the girly girl who likes a little texture in our life! ABOVE: Ruffles! I love the texture of ruffles. So lovely and romantic. photo credits: left (dress)… Read more »

Blue Hue!

Each season, heidi elnora creates a mood board. This board defines the overall feel of  her upcoming collection. You too can create your own mood board. Here are some great mood boards created for the “blue” bride. Credits: Brett Buchanan (2), Harper Ferguson (2), Sweet Pea Events, Rochelle Mort (2), Blooms by Martha Andrews (2), My Personal Artist Handmade Letterpress Invitations, Lisa… Read more »

An “ah” moment

As an artist, you must constantly search for inspiration. Sometimes it reveals itself to you while other times you must search for it, all the while waiting for that “Ah” moment. I was watching tv last night while playing on my MAC and came upon a few “Ah’s.”

From head to toe

Not only does Heidi design gorgeous wedding gowns, she also makes sure that her brides are styled perfectly from head to toe. As you know, it is so important to make sure that every aspect of your wedding goes off without a hitch. We want to make sure if there is a hitch, it isn’t… Read more »

The birds are back in town!

Lately, I have noticed that a lot of brides are changing their hair or at least hair piece for their reception. For the past year or so, it seems that everyone is placing a flower in their hair. The new trend, which will probably take a minute to go into full effect, is the birdcage… Read more »

Something Borrowed and Something Old = Something New!

Every now and again you meet a bride who wants to really embrace the tradition of something borrowed and something old. Please meet my precious bride, Callie Alridge. Callie came to me a few months ago and wanted to wear her Mom’s gown. With some major changes and a few alterations, we transformed Callie’s Mom’s… Read more »

Being Green…Celebrating our EARTH!!!

Everyday brides are trying ways to be more green. We have yet to design a “Green” gown in terms of color but everyday we focus on being green and celebrating our EARTH! Did you know… ALL heidi elnora gowns are hand-made in Alabama and Georgia. ALL left over fabrics are used for small details and… Read more »